“...quintessential Puccini soprano Liora Michelle…our collective hearts were moved...”

“[As Mimì]…intelligent, moving characterization.”

"[As Mimì,] Michelle’s creamy voice had a vulnerability that was endearing...just wouldn’t let go of our collective hearts...touched us all with its poignant and soulful quality. Her death scene...was in a sense, everything opera is about."

“Liora Michelle triumphed in the title role (Giovanna d’Arco), her sumptuous soprano soared and she negotiated the difficult tessitura of the ‘Sempre all' alba ed alla sera’ with flexibility and flair. Many of her dramatic arias evoked the terrain of the future Verdi and made one wish to see and hear more of this young, gifted and attractive artist who recently was a memorable Leonora in Il Trovatore with the NYGO in Central Park. Whether singing with power or sweetness she was secure in her technique. The future looks bright for Ms. Michelle and this audience responded with cheers and bravas. Her exquisite trills, pianissimi and fiery bursts of passion still echo in memory.”

“Liora Michelle, as Imogene [Il Pirata]…sang the long lines of cavatina, ‘Lo sognai ferito, esangue,’…in a soprano of purity and agility, and appended to it highly ornamented cabaletta ‘Sventurata, anch’io deliro.’ Michelle brought the opera to a close with a final cavatina, ‘Col sorriso d’innocenza,’ of pathos and cabaletta, ‘Oh, Sole! ti vela di tenebre oscure,’ of intensity.”

“Ms. Michelle was a lovely Leonora with a captivating stage presence….most pleasing soprano voice with agility and style. Her singing ‘D' amor sull'ali rosee’…found her voice in full bloom and the ‘Miserere’…was sung with passion. Ms. Michelle’s death notes at the finale floated beautifully…. Michelle garnered generous applause from a most appreciative audience.”

“Liora Michelle in the part of Leonora…sang expressively...”

“Liora Michelle as Micaëla is a new face to watch.  She has a heavenly sense of phrasing and timing.”

“The best of the evening is Liora Michelle…musically elegant, impish, sensual and elusive.”

“The other happy vocal surprise was Liora Michelle…a bright, true, attractive voice that absolutely reflected the French origins of the character.”

“Liora Michelle gave a performance of the most beautiful Verdian arias…[she] touched the audience’s heart with the intensity of her performance and the extraordinary quality of her talent.”

“…La Bohème, dove la protaganista Mimì era interpretata stupendamente dal soprano Liora Michelle.”

“Ms. Michelle’s wonderful voice and dramatic presentation were inspiring.”

Mimi in Central Park

Liora in IL PIRATA

Liora as Leonora in IL TROVATORE

Liora in IL TROVATORE with Manrico

Liora as Nedda in I PAGLIACCI